home sites designs packages news order order order contactus IN OUR HEARTS FOREVER evolved from the loss of our nephew, Michael Salvatore Harrigan , in April of 2002. The shock and feeling of helplessness together with the desire to reach out to everyone that was grieving, especially Mike's Mom & Dad, is what prompted me to create Mike's site. It became a place where we all went privately to look at photo's, to cry, to laugh, a private place to remember and some how feel closer to him. For different people it can fill different voids, for some it was a place to put their feelings to words, by writing in the guestbook. While others may visit the site daily or weekly and never sign the guestbook. It can be a public place or a private place. It is accessible to the world, but each person who visits can feel they are there alone. In the 19 months since we lost Mike, his site has received over 6,000 visits with over 60 entries in his guestbook. It has brought comfort to so many, some days you go to laugh some to cry, but somehow you always go. In some ways it may help in the healing process, because it allows you to "just feel", whether it is a good feeling that day or a bad one, no one is watching and judging how you should be reacting. For these reasons I began creating memorial sites, it may not be right for everyone, but it is a beautiful place for some of us. My mom, still can't go through the site, it hurts too much. But Mike's mom, was able to visit from the start. It is simply an individual feeling. I create these sites with the care and desire to honor every loved one. At the time I created Mike's site, I just felt closer to him, and always felt he knew it was there. It is a beautiful way to honor and keep a loved one's memory IN OUR HEARTS FOREVER. Thank you for considering creating your memorial site here with us. List of Active Sites Copyright 2003 IN OUR HEARTS FOREVER All rights reserved